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​Bronwyn Elkuss, Fiber Artist

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​​Perhaps stitching, symbols and stories are anomalies.  We spend much of our time chasing the latest gadget and quickly discard that engagement when the next techno-toy emerges.  Our communication is frequently through slogans and rapid-fire text messages.  Visual images are flashed to us on screens.  I admit it is ironic to show my work on the internet.

Hand stitching is slow, contemplative and intimate.  Symbols require deciphering and stories demand attention.  But no, the techniques and components of my art are not anachronistic.  They are indeed the fiber of our lives.

I believe that stitching is a fine art medium that has withstood the test of time.  Using fabric, needle and thread, I make contemporary statements and compositions.  My stitched art reflects our modern world as our ancestors' work reflected theirs.

With layers of fabric and stitch upon stitch, my imagery strives to be as universal as the technique is timeless.  The compositions combine representation and abstraction.  I celebrate the multitude of sources that have influenced my work.  Each piece has a story to tell, whether encoded in symbols or narrated by illustration.

I hope to create a visual language that is multilayered as the medium.  With these pieces I offer enjoyment of our commonality, a celebration of our differences and concern about our presumptions.  Art should not just entertain; it should also challenge the viewer.      

Bronwyn Elkuss